With all of the new changes to our site, you may be wondering what happened to your account. Don't worry, not much has changed! Come see what we've done for you.

What has changed? New Look, Features & Improvements

By improving our site's overall structure, design, and user experience, we hope to provide you with an enhanced practice experience aimed at helping you achieve your career goals.

• Eligible users can add PrepPacks™ on demand

• Improved user experience

• Optimized for all mobile devices

• New powerful site search function

• Faster mobile & desktop site speed

Where are my old tests?

All of your existing tests are available in your account with all of your test info (score reports, which tests you've completed, etc). To find them, log into your account from the button in the top right corner of your screen. Use your same username and password as you did for the old site. Your 'MyPage' (now called My PrepPacks) will appear on the next screen with all of the valid PrepPacks in your account. From there, simply select the PrepPack you wish to continue using and your practice test will open.

Do I need new login details for the new site?

Your previous login details can be used to log into your account on the new site. If you would like to change your details, you can do so on your Profile Page. To access your Profile Page, click the drop down menu underneath your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select the Profile Page option and you will then be taken to a screen which features all of your account details with the option to change your password.

Where can I get more help?

If you have any additional questions regarding the new improvements to our site, get the help you need here.